Anger Management

How do you know if you need Anger Management counseling? There are typically two ways: either you recognize on your own that you are unable to control your angry and aggressive behavior, or someone else has asked you to seek Anger Management counseling.

There may be no outright cure for what is causing your anger, but, with help, you can learn to control the emotions that otherwise might take over a situation. You also can learn to recognize and manage the triggers that lead you to act out. And that brings us to two of our guiding principles in Anger Management counseling:

  • If you can manage your anger, you also can manage your happiness.
  • Your behavior will not change unless you choose to change it.

Psycho-education – learning about the psychology behind your behavior and emotions – plays a huge part as you learn to control your outbursts.  Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) can also help by restructuring the thoughts that trigger your emotions and, in turn, your actions.

Misconceptions or irrational thoughts may be a leading cause of your problems with anger. Things you have experienced in the past may lead to preconceived notions, and anger may become a learned behavior.

Lastly, for many people, resorting to angry behavior is easier than facing and talking about what the underlying issues truly are. You might be sad, depressed, anxious, fearful, or many other things, but learning to cope with such issues without letting them trigger your anger is the best path to understanding yourself and, in the end, helping you manage you.