Adolescent Counseling

At Anchor Counseling Center, we are well aware that the Adolescent years can be one of the most difficult periods that young people experience as they grow toward adulthood. They can face a daily array of psycho-social stressors that come from within themselves, their families, and their peers – and they do so while being largely unequipped to understand what is happening to them or how to deal with it.

They find themselves caught in a confusing netherworld in which they are expected to act as adults in some situations, while still being treated as children in others. They must cope with what can seem like extraordinary changes in their bodies as they look in the mirror, while, internally, sexual and other hormones rush through them and set off physical and emotional changes that are new, unexpected, and potentially difficult for them to manage. As they begin to look and feel more like adults every day, they yearn for, even demand, the rights and freedoms that adults enjoy – but science tells us that important parts of their brains remain under-developed, particularly those sections that help them fully comprehend the differences between right and wrong, along with the long-term consequences of impulse activities.

The result is that many Adolescents come to us at Anchor Counseling Center suffering from anxiety, depression, abuse, anger or other behavioral issues, eating disorders, and more. Yet, whatever issues there are, our skilled and experienced therapists at Anchor Counseling Center can help. There are few kinds of problems that they haven’t already encountered and successfully treated in the past, and they are ready and eager to do the same again for you and your Adolescent child.

We will provide your son or daughter with the most professional, reliable, and consistent emotional support possible, and we will extend the same support to you and the rest of your family, as we identify and treat the issues at hand.