Our Staff

Our staff of clinicians bring to Anchor Counseling Center over 100 years of extensive training and experience. You can receive all the therapeutic services you need in one location. Therapy, counseling, psychological testing, Child and Adolescence Psychiatry, School Based Counseling, and educational consulting – it’s all here, for you and your family. We are able to provide this extensive array of mental health services all in a calm and soothing atmosphere, with every little detail focused on your needs.  We offer services Monday through Saturday from 9-9.  Depending on your needs we will work diligently to assess your needs with the clinician who has the best skill set for you and your loved ones.

We have offices in Lincoln, East Greenwich, East Providence, and Cranston.

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Shawna Figueira, CEO | email

Clinical Director

Marissa Bain, LICSW, CEAP, Clinical Director | emailPsychology Today

Office Manager

Amanda Pinhancos | email

Assistant Clinical Directors
Cranston Office

Alex Irving, LMFT | emailPsychology Today

East Providence Office

Trevor Yingling, LMHC | email

East Greenwich Office

Joshua Bell, LMHC | emailPsychology Today

Administrative Staff

Paula Goncalves, Office Support | email

Connie Pinhancos, Office Support | email

Kerri Champagne, Accounting/Claims Department | email

Alice Santos, Accounting/Claims Department | email

Alice Belinski, Accounting/Claims Support | email



Jamil Chaudhry, MD

Anabela Araujo, LMHC | emailPsychology Today

Michael Bibeault, LMHC | emailPsychology Today

Joann Calise, APRN, BC | email

Melissa Cashman-Smith, LICSW | email

Julie Connolly, LICSW | email

Sally Dawson-Moore, LICSW | emailPsychology Today

Alyssa Hanson, LMFT | emailPsychology Today

Jeff Hirsch, LICSW | email

Katya Ildeykina, LMFT | email

Jennifer Lawrence, LMHC | emailPsychology Today

Enmanuel Matos, LMHC | emailPsychology Today

Sharon Roberts, LICSW | email

Gillian Ross, LMHC | emailPsychology Today

Denise Walters, LMHC | emailPsychology Today

Dan Zariczny, LICSW | email


Joshua Davis, LMHC | emailPsychology Today

Heather Donnelly, LICSW | emailPsychology Today

Heather Flock, LICSW | email

Jamie Gauthier, LICSW | email

Bethany Handfield, LICSW | email

Katie Logan, LMHC | email

Toni Quinn, LMHC | email

Chris Smith, LICSW | email

Maeve Vaillancourt, LMHC | email

East Greenwich

Samuel Ciotola, LMFT | emailPsychology Today

Tiffany DiLorenzo, LICSW | email

Meredith F. Ingebretsen, LMFT | emailPsychology Today

Kipp Lawrence, LMHC | emailPsychology Today

Kara Paolella, LMHC | email

Deborah Valletta, LICSW | emailPsychology Today

East Providence

Matthew Albertsen, LMHC | email

Catherine Costa, LICSW | email

Katya Ildeykina, LMFT | email

Wilberth Perez, LMHC | emailPsychology Today

I-Chien Young, LICSW | email

Updated June 1, 2023