Employment Opportunities

Anchor Counseling Center boasts a team of skilled, experienced, and highly motivated Mental Health Care professionals, each dedicated to the well-being of their patients and to the mutual support of their fellow staff members. We prize personal initiative and innovative thinking in our collective approach to improving the lives of our patients, as we strive to make Anchor Counseling Center a respected leader among mental health clinics in New England. We currently have offices in Lincoln, Cranston, East Greenwich, and East Providence. We are seeking to expand our staff with openings for the following positions:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Clinical Therapist

Candidates should review the Anchor Counseling Center website and be prepared to demonstrate competency and career experience relevant to the services we provide and the clientele we serve. Candidates also should review the educational and career qualifications of current Anchor staff members to assess whether their own resumes are sufficient for the positions they are seeking. Candidates can expect competitive compensation, flexible hours, health insurance, and IRA plans.

Candidates not familiar with Rhode Island should know that our small state is a rewarding and exciting place to live and work. It features secure communities with good schools, an excellent system of roadways with minimal traffic congestion, and quick and convenient airport access. Rhode Island also claims world-class educational and cultural institutions, numerous living artifacts of a rich and colorful history, outstanding restaurants, and a wonderful natural environment, led by the jewel that is Narragansett Bay, by miles of sandy ocean beaches, and by abundant woodland and working farmland.

Candidates can contact Anchor Counseling Center at 401-475-9979 or submit a quick application below.