Mental Health Issues

Mental Health issues affect many people, and do so in many different ways. Sometimes an individual will exhibit symptoms that clearly indicate the presence of one kind of Mental Health issue or another; for other people, the symptoms can be unique and less obvious, and the diagnosis can be more complex. In all cases, the professionals at Anchor Counseling Center have both the training and experience to diagnose these issues and treat them in ways that allow our patients to live happier lives and to function more successfully at home, at work, in their personal relationships, and in more public social settings.

Following are some of the Mental Health issues that we frequently treat in our practice:

These and other issues can have significant negative effects on people’s lives and can be the cause of divorce, difficulties at work, problems between parents and children, and difficulties functioning appropriately in society. Please take a moment to review the issues that we have listed and explained here on the Anchor Counseling Center website, and if you feel you recognize any of these potential problems in yourself, feel free to contact us. You have a right to good Mental Health, as well as physical health, and we are eager to help you achieve it.